West Ham United – A shambles on and off the field.

So there we go, West Ham are relegated to play in the Football League Championship next season. How on earth has that happened?

I personally blame; 1) Avram Grant,  I think the man is a walking failure, and have recently labelled him as the worst manager to ever complete a full season in the Premier League. 2) The board, who have made numerous poor decisions. 3) I guess at some point you have to blame the players, however they have shown that they can perform well when on the spot, they just lack guidance.

West Ham United, in my opinion should of been pushing for the top half, borderline pushing for a Europa League spot. Realistically, this team has an unbeleivable side on paper. Green (international), Bridge (PL winner), Upson (experience personified), Hitzlsperger (PL experience at top clubs), Noble (youngest captain in PL history – don’t quote me), Parker (Writers POTY), Ba/Piquionne/Keane/O’Neill/Obinna are a front 5 who are literally capable of scoring 10 goals a season each, at least.

The problem this season has been Avram Grant.

As an individual, he lacks charisma, in interviews he comes off as if he hasn’t got any passion for the club. This was typified by the West Brom v West Ham game in February, at 3-0 they returned to draw the match at 3 a piece. Carlton Cole credited the comeback, and the half time team talk to Scott Parker. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_prem/9396118.stm. Where was Grant in all this? What’s the point in having a manager when he doesn’t manage?

On top of all that, more recently was the home game vs Blackburn. Now, with the Hammers already in the drop zone, Upton Park a sell out. He lines up with a 5 man midfield, defensive and looking to ensure defeat does not occur. A goal down to an early counter attack and he had nothing to answer for, attacking play was not seen until the final 15 minutes. It doesn’t strike me as a team with belief, and in my opinion, belief should be instilled by a good manager.

My statement, “the man is surrounded by failure”, is proven by this English record, 3 cup finals, all defeats, with a respectable 2nd in the League with an inheritied Chelsea squad.  Yes you could argue that he got them their, but a final is when you need inspiration and a natural leader. As an Arsenal fan I know all too much about it.

David Gold and David Sullivan, along with their favourite Apprentice star Karen Brady took over the club and had the chance to get rid of him, they didn’t. A fault by themselves. If the media reports are true, Martin O’Neill was ready to take the job, on the condition that the media didn’t discover the story until it was finalised. A lesson in press-relations is very much needed. Not to mention the likely effect the fiasco had on the players for those weeks.

I just do not understand how this team is bottom of the Premier League, on so many levels this has been a shambles this season. West Ham are a PL level club, the size, fan base. Upton Park and the ferocious echo of ‘Bubbles’ is always a sight to behold. To me, the management, on a footballing and business level does not match the passion of the East London faithful. And what’s worrying is, with the ‘stars’ in their squad, and huge wage bill, administration and a Leeds United style demise could be on the cards.

A very sad day for football.

Over and out.


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