A brief Play-Off Final rant. One for the Royals.

Sorry to break up the transfer embargo with Play-Off-Final nonsense, but, I keep getting into arguments with people about it. So I just want to give a reference that explains my points as to why Swansea had it so easy due to Phil Dowd’s style of officiating. And no, I wasn’t just slating Swansea, congrats to them, I just felt they got rub of the green in all 3 play-off matches. Oh, and briefly why I don’t like Dobbie.

Swansea’s play; dominating, control the ball, technical, through balls, incisive passing.

Reading’s play; pressing, when they get the ball, be direct, channels out the Kebe or long to well, Long.

My point is, you could tell the only chance Reading had, was if they stopped Swansea having the ability to outplay them, as Swansea were the technically better side. To do that; it’s all about early tackles, firm tackles, getting ‘stuck in’. Phil Dowd stopped that from happening.

As Phil Dowd went on a one-man quest to book the Reading back line, he took away their ability to press and be more aggressive. Rightly or wrongly. Andy Griffin makes a firm, fair tackle, and is booked – I couldn’t see why. Borini then goes in late on Federici (booked) then theatrically throws himself to the ground when confronted by Khizanishvili (god love google – spelling, but lets call him ZK), to me, Dowd quickly got word in his ear that he shouldn’t have booked ZK, hense why he was perhaps wrongly saved from the walk at the penalty incident. However, had ZK and AG not been on bookings, I think the CM would have been crunched in the build up to the pen, and they’d of took a fair booking then – This is my point.

However, in the bookings to the back line, your 2nd goal was made possible, because as Dobbie turns, he’s allowed to do so because the defenders have dropped deeper, and became less aggressive – Something I think was a tactical change because…….. Dowd kept booking people for nothing challenges! – Therefore….

Dowd booking people = less aggressive defenders = Suits Swansea’s style of play more.

Reading only pulled their goals back because at 3-0, they didn’t care about being booked, were getting desperate. Swansea couldn’t handle the fight they had and looked nervy.

As for Dobbie, I seen him asking for people to be booked on 4 different occasions, I don’t like that.

However, Swansea are a very good football side! And I much prefer them to Cardiff. A very good backing story too rags to riches and they have a brilliant football philosophy. Perhaps too close to Barcelona for my likely with the antics of Dobbie, though.

So yes, there you go Swans and Royals. A disappointing season finale by poor reffing. I think this is further evidence for a promotion/relegation system in Football League/Premier League.

Just a rant, but it’s been annoying me for a while. Reading were unfairly treated. AND, everyone who knows me, and my blog knows I have no loyalty to either side. Just a mere neutral.

Best of luck to both clubs though.

Over and out.


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A twenty-something football fan with two business management degrees. I run @_the12thman because my friends told me I talk about football too much on my personal twitter/facebook. Turned out quite well, 2 years on. View all posts by the12thman

2 responses to “A brief Play-Off Final rant. One for the Royals.

  • Blakeston

    After missing out on promotion, do you think Reading will lose a lot of their stars? Long’s been fantastic this season and looks set for Newcastle and Swansea are apparently interested in Mills?

    • markbritton7

      Perhaps, its looking like Celtic may try and pinch him too. You know the attraction they have with Irish players but I think he can accomplish more by doing a Roy/Robbie Keane and spending time there later…

      I think Reading will be okay though, I mean, with all love and respect, they never had the best team in the Championship anyway.. They just hit firm at the right time. They would of had to recruit heavily to sort their defensive problems.

      Follow twitter @markbritton7

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