Golden Rules of Accumulator Gambling, 2015

Placing a bet this weekend? Here’s my Golden Rules of Gambling, live by these and you’ll do alright….

  1. You haven’t lost what isn’t yours. When you bet it, you lose it, no team has let you down – you have simply “given away £5”. You haven’t “Lost £5,000”.
  2. Don’t touch the early game, or the late game. Keep it on all 3pm kick-offs.
  3. A derby game is a bookies’ paradise, not yours.
  4. Avoid betting on your own team as emotions get involved.
  5. Ride the trends, not the history. 2012-2014, Brighton, Blackpool, Dundee United & MK Dons were dead-certainties to score and concede in every game. Don’t let nostalgia fool you into thinking under new management their traits will remain.
  6. Don’t talk about betting – You tweet your bet, you lose your bet
  7. Stay true to your gut. Late changes will cost you. Don’t be a penalty taker who changes his mind last minute, you’ll kick yourself when you miss.
  8. Peterborough will let you down, every single time. Give them a wide berth.
  9. Bet against a new manager with caution….
  10. Big clubs don’t win games – Good teams win games. I’m looking at you, Leeds United.
  11. The Turkish Süper Lig has the highest percentage of home wins in UEFA governed football. Food for thought.
  12. Away wins are where the money is.
  13. Adding value to your bets always adds in tears. Don’t keep adding ‘certainties’ to your slip thinking it will boost your winnings. You’re only giving the bookmakers more chance to take your earnings.
  14. Don’t listen to “That Mate” – You know who I mean, the one who convinces you that St Mirren are FLYING at the minute and you have to back them to win at Aberdeen.
  15. Hold a grudge. The only thing worse than a team letting you down, is you backing them again – and losing again. Trick me once, shame on you – Trick me twice, shame on me.
  16. Never chase your losses. You place a £10 bet on, it flops, there’s 3 late matches on… Re-dig into the pockets and find yourself redemption? No.
  17. Explore how you bet: Heinz, Goliath, Lucky 63, Canadian. If you don’t know what they are, find out. Finding the right betting format is just as important as spending 20mins staring at the League Two table.
  18. Whatever you think you know about football in a different country, you don’t. You really don’t.
  19. Head over heart, people. Once you’ve picked your selections, remove the ONE you think is most likely to let you down. This will serve you well.

Remember, on a Saturday at 1330pm – Bookmakers  are given a list of the top 12 most backed results from the weekend’s fixtures. You know how many times in the last 3 seasons all 12 have won on the same day? 13 times. The most recent being Saturday the 17th of January, 2015. It’s rare, so don’t go mass-hunting favourites like it’s a flawless plan.

Bet wisely…

Over and out.


About the12thman

A twenty-something football fan with two business management degrees. I run @_the12thman because my friends told me I talk about football too much on my personal twitter/facebook. Turned out quite well, 2 years on. View all posts by the12thman

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